The Fat Loss Factor Program

One of the main attractions of Fat Loss Factor is how differently it separates itself from other diets. Instead of promising that it works for everyone, instead it relies on the opposite. Dr. Charles openly admits that a “One Size Fits All Diet” does not exist and his program tries to address this by being much more flexible for specific body types. By following this idea, Charles has created a huge range of different diets and exercises for each body shape.

It focuses on doing this by ensuring that you have the right diet for your body type, and then offering a variety of exercise regimes, as well as nutritional tips, that can keep your metabolic rate high. At a low price of $39.95, consumers can receive the whole package including the main guide along with various reports that reiterate what was said in the guide. This is supported by a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee if you are not impressed with the program, which can visit now.

Fat Loss Factor Bonuses

When you purchase the main guide, you don’t just get the original program, but several extras that are worth around $287 for completely free. These bonuses give more information on what food should be used in the meal plans and compliment the main program well. The first “Foods that Burn Fat” does exactly what it says on the “tin” and gives you an idea of what foods can speed up your metabolism without having to cut calories drastically.

The second bonus report is entitled “Foods that Turn to Fat” is a similar example, giving descriptions of what foods are more likely to become fat, and includes a section of the 12 “deadly” fat-storing foods that Fat Loss Factor advises you should never eat. The rest of the bonuses are simple reports and finally, free updates to the main portion of the program. Due to the program being in eBook format, updates can be released that you can download for free, unlike a physical copy, which would have to be bought again.

Fat Loss Factor Value for Money

As you can see, the Fat Loss Factor program is not only highly useful for losing weight, but is also great value for money when including the estimated value of the bonuses, as well as the informational value they have, especially considering how useful they work in conjunction with the main program. As these bonuses are free when you purchase the main program, it’s a good idea to take advantage of this offer while it’s still on, as they’re valued highly.

It is also worth signing up to the membership site. For $1.00, you can begin a trial that offers a variety of extra features, such as online calculators that are missing from the main guide, as well as several audio files of question and answer with the author, recipes, and a nutrient database. Once again, this can complement the main program well, but it also contains a lot of standalone material that can be highly useful for helping you lose weight.